Enough is Enough – Evacuate Now

On 9th September 2020, a giant fire destroyed Europe’s biggest refugee camp, Moria, a place described as hell on Earth. For years, refugees have been fleeing war, persecution and torture and coming to Europe hoping to find safety. For months and years, refugees, aid workers, humanitarians and activists have been warning that one day a catastrophe will happen. And now it has.
13,000 people are homeless, starving and without any support. They are forced to stay in the so-called “restricted area”, a street along the shoreline between the formerMoria camp and the city of Mytilene. This sector is blocked by police from both sides, barring aid workers and journalists to enter, and forbidding refugees to leave. Humansare dying, and the world is silent. Again.
We say Enough is Enough – Evacuate Now. The camp cannot be rebuilt and a new one should not be set up. After years of human rights violations and many deaths, it is time for Europe to step up for humanity.
Addressing political leaders in Europe we demand:
1) Evacuate Moria and all the refugee camps on the Aegean islands!
2) Relocate refugees to proper housing, in accordance with the International Declaration of Human Rights and Charts of Fundamental Rights of the European Union!
3) Ending the illegal pushbacks at the external border European Union!
4) Ending the criminalisation of solidarity and humanitarian aid!
A wave of solidarity moving through Europe in form of a video projection on politically relevant buildings across our cities started yesterday with the first cities being Vienna and Berlin. We were present at both the Berlin and Vienna Chancellery buildings, significant platforms for this campaign and the event was attended by several politicians including:
Georg Kurz, GJ, Bundessprecher (Spokesperson, Green Youth Germany)
Sinem Tasan-Funke, JuSo Pressesprecher (Spokesperson, Social Youth Berlin)
Peter Maaß, JuSo Pressesprecher Landesverband (Spokseperson, Social Youth Berlin)
Christine Buchholz, MdB Linke (Member of German Parliament, Left Party Germany)
Felix Liebich, Landessprecher, Linksjugend (Head of Left Youth Party Berlin)
Paul Stich, (Head of Socialist Youth Austria)
Supported by:
Grüne Jugend (Green Youth, Germany)
Jusos, Germany
Sozialistische Jugend (Socialist Youth Austria)
Anna Westner, Junge Linke, Bundessprecherin
Linksjugend Solid (Left Youth Solid, Germany)
Kevin Kühnert, Federal Chairman of the Jusos
Michel Brandt, MdB DIE LINKE (Member of the German Parliament)
Christine Buchholz, MdB DIE LINKE (Member of the German Parliament)
Ulla Jelpke, MdB DIE LINKE (Member of the German Parlament)
Özlem Alev Demirel, MdEP DIE LINKE (Member of the European Parliament)
Grüne Jugend, Niedersachsen (Green Youth)
Georg Kurz, Federal Chairman of the Green Youth
Florian Siekmann, Grüne (Bavarian State Parliament)
Jusos Munich
Jusos Berlin
Humans Before Borders
European Network of Migrant Women
Diversity Development Group (Lithuania)
Sarah Mardini, Human Rights Activist
David Pichler, Human Rights Activist
069 vs Racism
Seebrücke Vienna
Seebrücke Aschaffenburg
Seebrücke Berlin
Lars Mentrup, SPD Munich
Lena Odell, SPD Munich
Micheael “Gene” Aichner, Crush Eyes Media GmbH
Unified Rescue Group
Wir packen’s an e.V
Rethinking Refugees
Sibylle Zavala, Verband Biologie, Biowissenscahften & Biomedizin Deutschland