EU Border Regime – Profiteering from Dehumanisation and Mythologised Technologies

EU-BoderregimeJacqueline Andres

With its 2020 “EU Security Union Strategy”, the EU Commission proposes to give the security industry an even more important role in helping to „protect every- one in the EU and promote our European way of life“. But this alleged security not only creates deadly escape routes for people in need, it also funnels billions of euros into the pockets of the arms industry, money that is not being used for necessary and social infra- structure policies. This study shows which industries are profiting most from the suffering, misery and crisis of the refugees. Its purpose is to shed light on the machinations of the EUropean security industry and to offer perspectives in the fight against those who profit off the suffering and misery of refugees. It is time that we delegitimise the security industry as a “solution provider” for the security problems of its own making and instead demand solutions for the health, climate and hunger crises that endanger the lives of millions of people. It is time to fight the root causes of forced displacement. One way to do this, besides ending all arms exports, would be to adopt a different EU econ- omic and trade policy that would stop exploiting the natural resources of the countries of the Global South and driving them into dependency. It is time to create a world worth living in, where all people can move freely and no one is forced to flee.